Gen Advisory™ is a niche Australian advisory firm providing technical assistance to the financial sector

Our focus areas include the following:

Banking & Conglomerate Supervision

Technical advice on the regulation of banks and financial conglomerates

Financial & Regulatory Technology

Technical advice on FinTech and RegTech

Financial Inclusion & Access

Technical advice on financial inclusion and empowerment

Gender & Financial Equality

Technical advice on issues pertaining to gender and financial equality

Gen Advisory Pty Ltd (“Gen Advisory™”) is a niche Australian advisory firm assisting the financial sector. We provide an array of advisory services, including  research and capacity-building, which enable organisations to achieve the following objectives:

  1. 1. Enhanced risk-based supervision;
  2. 2. Improved financial institution soundness;
  3. 3. Increased financial system stability; and
  4. 4. A more sustainable and inclusive financial sector.

Gen Advisory comprises a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. Our team members have extensive banking industry and regulatory experience, having previously been employed by: the Australian Government; Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA); and National Australia Banking Group (NAB), among others.

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Gen Advisory Pty Ltd

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"Contributing towards a stable and inclusive financial sector"

+61-2-9275 8718

Sydney (Head Office)
+61-2-9275 8718

Washington DC
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