Gen Advisory™ is a niche Australian advisory firm assisting the financial sector

Our expertise encompasses the following:

Strategy & Planning

Helping financial institutions adopt appropriate strategies and plans

Banking Regulation

Helping financial institutions keep abreast of changes in banking regulation

Financial & Regulatory Technology

Helping financial institutions address FinTech and RegTech

Financial Inclusion & Equality

Helping fin institutions contribute towards inclusion and equality


During and following the GFC, the Australian financial sector continued to perform strongly relative to international peers. Our financial institutions remain robust and well-positioned to meet the various global regulatory requirements.

However, Australian financial institutions are currently facing unprecedented challenges on multiple fronts. These include: structural changes due to technology; complex regulatory reforms; competition from non-traditional financial service providers; and subdued industry growth.


Gen Advisory Pty Ltd is a niche Australian advisory firm assisting the financial sector. We provide an array of advisory services, including  research and capacity-building, which enable financial institutions to achieve the following objectives:

      1.  Improved financial institution soundness;
      2.  Enhanced risk-based supervision;
      3.  Increased financial system stability; and
      4.  A more sustainable and inclusive financial sector.

Gen Advisory comprises a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. Our team members have extensive banking industry and regulatory experience, having previously been employed by: the Australian Government; Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA); and National Australia Banking Group (NAB), among others.

Our Services

Gen Advisory's tookit of services is designed to enable financial institutions to contribute, directly and indirectly, towards a stable and inclusive financial sector. Our services are underpinned by: our extensive experience as ex-banking industry practitioners and regulators; the most current literature on banking; and our own proprietary research.

Gen Advisory's core services include: strategic advice; industry and regulatory updates; specialist research; capacity-building; and project management.

Our Differentiators

Our specialisation is the Australian banking sector.
Our team has over 25 years’ banking industry and regulatory experience.
We supplement our strong understanding of the Australian banking sector with best practice insights from overseas distinctions - including the United Kingdom, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and Financial Stability Board etc.

Our Clients

Client Outcomes

The benefits for our client organisations from our advisory services include improvements to the following:


Current Focus Areas

Our current focus areas include the following:

Sector Outlook

The Australian Banking Sector:
2019/20 FY – Mid-year update and outlook

Open Banking

Open Banking in Australia:
What ADIs need to do to be ready for Open Banking

FinTech Adoption

FinTech and RegTech Adoption in Australia:
Latest developments


Royal Commission

Hayne Royal Commission – Final Report:
Implications for the Australian banking sector

Impact Investing

Social Impact Investing for Financial Institutions:
Latest insights

Financial Inequality

The Gender Pay Gap:
Addressing the gender pay gap in the Aust financial sector

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“Contributing towards a stable and inclusive financial sector."

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