Financial Equality

“To build future economies that are both dynamic and inclusive, we must ensure that ensure that everyone has equal opportunity. When women and girls are not integrated – as beneficiary and shaper – the global community loses out on skills, ideas and perspectives that are critical for addressing global challenges and harnessing new opportunities.”

  • World Economic Forum (2017), “The Global Gender Gap Report 2018”, December 2017. ©2017 World Economic Forum.

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“When discussing gender equality and Islam, what often arises in people’s minds is discrimination and the elimination of women’s rights. Indeed, several academics and other groups incorrectly consider Islam as being the originator of gender inequality issues. The reality is that before the advent of Islam, there was widespread female infanticide, inherited marriages and slavery. Islam’s presence actually tries to elevate women’s status.

Islam views men and women in terms of “humanity”. Islam gives equal rights to men and women, and at the same time imposes equal obligations on both. In Islam, the concept of “gender justice” is applicable to everyone regardless of gender. Islam does recognise that there is a “distinction” between men and women, but such distinction is different from “discrimination.”

  • Fitria Susanti (2018), Gen Advisory – Adviser on Financial Equality, October 2018.

“Contributing towards a stable and inclusive financial sector."

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