Our Differentiators

Being a niche consultancy, Gen Advisory is able to offer more in-depth expertise in our core competencies – i.e. conglomerate supervision; banking supervision; and customised research and presentations – as compared to the larger consulting firms.

The power of technology as an enabling tool means that Gen Advisory is not impeded by geographic constraints. Gen Advisory has the potential ability to assist any organisation, regardless of geographic location.

Gen Advisory has the advantage of being lean and nimble as compared to the conventional advisory firms. Gen Advisory has the ability to respond to quickly to ad-hoc client requests, and to tailor our solutions to suit the client’s unique needs.

Michael and his Gen Advisory staff are genuinely passionate about the services we provide. We also have genuine empathy for the many of the communities we seek to serve.

As Gen Advisory’s Principal Consultant, Michael brings with him 18 years’ consulting, prudential supervision and industry experience. His core competencies include: conglomerate supervision; banking supervision; specialist research; and capacity-building

Based on a lifelong career in prudential supervision and consulting, Michael has developed a collegial network of fellow consultants and ex-colleagues. Michael has the potential capacity to tap into this network of subject matter experts to supplement Gen Advisory’s expertise where necessary, so as to provide a comprehensive solution to a client’s needs.

Michael’s commitment to continuous learning for both himself and his team ensures that Gen Advisory will keep abreast of the latest industry developments.

"Contributing towards a stable and inclusive financial sector"


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