Gen Advisory™’s Use of Enabling Technology

Gen Advisory™ is first and foremost a technical advisory and research company. That said, dramatic changes in the landscape within which we operate means that Gen Advisory™ has had to adapt and innovate accordingly.

Since its formation, Gen Advisory™ has invested significantly in the research and development of enabling tools and technologies. These technologies have enabled Gen Advisory™ to augment and optimise, albeit not replace, the delivery of our advisory and research services to our client organisations.

More broadly, Gen Advisory™ has taken advantage of recent advancements in technology to benefit not just our client organisations, but also internally.

How Technology has Benefitted Gen Advisory™

How Technology has Benefitted Our Client Organisations

• Virtual collaboration

• Expanded global reach

• Increased adviser mobility

• Reduced travel requirements

• Augmented and distributed workforce

• Access to global talent

• Access to project-specific expertise

• Family-friendly workplace arrangements

• Staff empowerment

• Enabled Gen Advisory to achieve our goal of being a “Global Small Business”.


• Innovative partnerships with Gen Advisory™

• Innovative training, research and advisory solutions

• Expanded array of modalities

• Integrated and “embedded” technical assistance

• More effective “off-site” analyses by adviser

• More productive “on-site” and “in-country” adviser visits

• Reduced adviser travel expenses

• Reduced adviser visa processing delays

• “Technical assistance which is faster, more flexible and effective”.

Examples of Technology-Enabled Gen Advisory™ Services

• Interactive E-Learning

• Webinars

• Virtual Collaboration

• Remote Training and Capacity-Building

• Remote Advisory and Research Assistance

• Web Conferencing

“Today, the question isn’t if the technical advisory landscape will change but when, and how dramatically.

In the future, the ability to innovate and harness the power of technology – coupled with robust technical skills – will be the differentiator between the advisory firms which struggle versus those which succeed and thrive”.

"Contributing towards a stable and inclusive financial sector"

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