Corporate Social Responsibility

Gen Advisory’s various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are outlined below.

Gen Advisory aims to minimise its impact on the environment, particularly in relation to waste production and paper usage.

Gen Advisory’s internal initiatives for minimising waste and saving paper:

  • • Work with our vendors to produce recyclable packaging material.
  • • Donate any excess and/or and obsolete office stationery to local charities.
  • • Reduce, re-use and recycle plastic bags.
  • • Ensure all waste is disposed of in the appropriate recycling bins.
  • • Apply double-sided as default printer setting.
  • • Share information and documents electronically, instead of in printed form.
  • • Print only when necessary.
  • • Where practicable, print 2 pages per sheet
  • • Gen Advisory has an “equal work for equal pay” policy.
  • • Gen Advisory maintains an ethnically-diverse workforce.
  • • Gen Advisory has zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind.
  • • All self-education expenses incurred by the Gen Advisory team are either reimbursed or subsidised by Gen Advisory, subject to appropriateness and budget availability.
  • • Gen Advisory allocates a certain number of workdays each year to:
    • ○ providing pro-bono research and training; and
    • ○ participating in pro-bono projects.
  • • Gen Advisory donates a certain percentage of its annual profits each year to non-profit organisations whose philosophies align with ours.

"Contributing towards a stable and inclusive financial sector"

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