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Gen Advisory™ is an equal opportunity employer and supporter of gender diversity. Our aim is to establish a positive environment in which each of our team members feels valued.

The Gen Advisory team’s profiles are below.

Michael Lukman

(Managing Director)

Michael has 19 years’ banking industry, regulation  and advisory experience.

Michael started his career at Ernst & Young in 2000, providing corporate finance advice to a range of multi-national banks. Michael subsequently spent 7 years (2005 to 2011) as a banking supervisor with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), during which he supervised several systemically-important financial conglomerates.

From 2014 to 2018, Michael was the Australian Government aid program’s (AIPEG’s) Financial Sector Regulation and Supervision Adviser in Indonesia. Michael’s core mandate during this period: financial conglomerate supervision.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters in Accounting from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). Michael also holds an Executive Certificate in “Rethinking Financial Inclusion” from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (Cambridge, U.S.A).

For further details regarding Michael’s professional history, please click here.

Michael’s interests include: running, gym, tennis and reading.

Michael’s email address is michael.lukman@gnad.com.au

Scott is Gen Advisory’s General Manager and reports directly to Michael. His responsibilities include: managing Gen Advisory’s day-to-day operations; advising Michael on financial and taxation matters; and responding to client enquiries in Michael’s absence.

Scott has an accounting background and possesses over 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry.

Scott is a keen cyclist and member of several cycling groups in Sydney.

Scott’s email address is scott.middleton@gnad.com.au

Scott Middleton

(General Manager)

Fitria Susanti

(Adviser on Financial Equality)

Fitria is our firm’s Adviser on Financial Equality. Tia’s responsibilities at Gen Advisory include: advising Michael on gender and financial equality issues; providing Michael with research support; and undertaking ad-hoc projects at Michael’s request.

Tia holds a Bachelor of International Relations degree from Abdurrab University, Indonesia.

Tia’s hobbies include reading and baking.

Fitria’s email address is fitria.susanti@gnad.com.au

Fachry is Gen Advisory’s Technology Solutions Architect. His role: To provide the IT architecture and platforms which enable  Gen Advisory to optimise the delivery of our technical assistance to our client organisations.

To date, Fachry has utilised a combination of proprietary and off-the-shelf technological tools for this purpose.

Fachry has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Persada University, Indonesia.

Fachry’s hobbies include photography and graphic design.

Fachry’s email address is fachry.ali@gnad.com.au

Fachry Ali

(Technology Solutions Architect)

Shawna Adams

(Washington DC Representative)

Shawna is Gen Advisory’s acting Washington DC representative. She is currently studying towards an Associate Degree in Business at Montgomery College (Maryland, U.S.A).

Shawna enjoys singing and gospel music.

Shawna’s email address is shawna.adams@gnad.com.au

"Contributing towards a stable and inclusive financial sector"


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