Our Services

Gen Advisory’s services are underpinned by: our extensive experience as ex-regulators and industry practitioners; the most current literature in the various fields; and our own proprietary research.

Our client organisations span the public and private sectors.

Our Array of Advisory Services

Our advisory services to date have encompassed the following:

Advisory Service Description
Specialist Research*


· Our team has provided technical research on a variety of subjects, in accordance with the client organisation’s request.

→  Research subjects: Have typically fallen within Gen Advisory’s core focus areas (e.g. banking & FC supervision, FinTech etc) – but have also occasionally related to non-focus areas (e.g. accounting).

→  Our team has also provided country/jurisdiction-specific research.

Capacity Building* · Our team has provided technical training on a variety of topics, tailored to the client organisation’s needs.

Our training modalities have included:

→  in-person presentations;

→  Skype-based presentations; and

→  webinars.

Technical Advice · Our team has provided technical advice to client organisations in the form of:

→  Briefings on BCBS and FSB-related policy initiatives; and

→  Responses to client-specific queries.

Keynote Speeches · Our team members have spoken at numerous international conferences and workshops.

→  We have also drafted keynote speeches on behalf of several client organisations.

Project Management · Our team members have participated in several major projects in Australia.

We contributed to these projects in the form of:

→  Subject-Matter-Expert (SME) assistance; and

→  general project management.

*Refer breakdown above.

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